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I won my first competition in 1998 as a middleweight. Employing consistent training and sound, clean nutrition, I've added 50 pounds of muscle and steadily progressed to the National level of competition. After competing as a light heavyweight for several years, I decided to take all of 2001 off to work on my weak points and gain some overall size. Now I'm ready to make the jump to the Heavyweight division.

In that time I've brought up my calves for better lower body balance and concentrated on my shoulders to develop a thicker, broader look for my upper body. In the past Abdominals have been a stubborn bodypart for me, but proper nutrition and dieting working them everyday has really made a big difference. So now they are no problem for me. I've been using Nitrotech and Celltech supplements and gotten great results.

To prepare for the nationals this year I'll start my diet on August 1st, 16 weeks out. That's earlier that a lot of competitors will begin their diet. But Robert Keenum, an experienced competitor taught me that losing the weight slowly keeps the skin tight on contest day, for an overall sharper look.